The Stormy Sea

Let us learn that serving Christ does not exempt His servants from storms. If we are true Christians, we must not expect everything smooth in our journey to heaven. We must count it no strange thing if we have to endure sickness, losses, bereavements, and disappointments, just like other men. Free pardon and full forgiveness, grace along the way, and glory at the end–all this our Savior has promised to give. But He has never promised that we shall have no affliction. By affliction He teaches us many precious lessons, which without it we should never learn. In the resurrection morning we shall thank God for every storm. Our Lord Jesus Christ, as God, has almighty power. The elements knew the voice of their master, and, like obedient servants, were quiet at once. With the Lord Jesus Christ nothing is impossible. No stormy passions are so strong but He can tame them. No temper is so rough and violent but He can change it. No conscience is so disturbed, but He can speak peace to it, and make it calm. No man ever need despair. Christ can do miracles upon his heart. Christ will carry him through every danger. Christ will make him conqueror over every foe. Greater is He that is for is, than all those who are against us. Our Lord Jesus Christ is exceedingly patient in dealing with His own people. The Lord Jesus is very empathetic and full of tender mercy. He sees their weakness. He is aware of their short-comings. He knows all the defects of their faith, and hope, and love, and courage. And yet he will not cast them off. He bears with them continually. He loves them even to the end. He raises them when they fall. His patience, like His love, is a patience that passes knowledge. His heart is still the same that it was when He crossed the sea of Galilee and stilled the storm. High in heaven at the right hand of God, Jesus is still sympathizing–still almighty–still patient toward His people. Let us be more charitable and patient towards our brethren in the faith. They may err in many things, but if Jesus has received them and can bear with them, surely we may bear with them too. Let us be more hopeful about ourselves. We may be very weak, and frail, and unstable; but if we can truly say that we do come to Christ and believe on Him, we may take comfort.

_ J.C.Ryle