One Down – Two To Go

Well…I’ve already knocked one eating out off my table for the month. 🙂 Met with a dear friend tonight and thoroughly enjoyed our evening. However, I now have only two nights to eat out this month and….surprise, surprise I have already scheduled my second evening out/eating out for this Friday. So much for spreading it out. 😉

I made it to my first workout of the week too today, so only two more times that I have to go so yay me! Crossfit is definitely one of the best decision I’ve made in a while 🙂 Part of the workout was Back Squats…my neck is so sore.

Oh, another big deal for me was that I made my bed this morning…big deal for me since usually the only time I make my bed is when I change the sheets. The whole “Why make my bed since I’m only going to crawl back into it in a few hours” was my philosophy but this morning it really helped to have made it. My mind switched gears during making it and I definitely felt ‘awake’ longer I think partly because of that. So, now that’s a new goal…

#53 Make my bed every morning. 🙂

Hopefully I will actually keep that up too. Drinking water has been fairly easy and I didn’t eat any “real” sweets today either, I was even offered some candy and I said no! 🙂 I was excited that I made it through the day without it. Now to go through the next few weeks and I know it’s only going to get harder since I am basically addicted to sugar, no good. Praying I’ll make it through and break the habit. 🙂 Any tips would be highly appreciated!

So far my goals are being set in motion and I’m slowly figuring out my trips, and when to do some of my other goals, etc., I think I’m going to try to make the ratatouille and creme brulee this month or next. Perhaps around valentines… I plan on spending the weekend with one of my best friends since we both don’t have boyfriends, or such so maybe we could do that… hmmmm possible “lightbulb” moment! Haha

So, I’m going to go soak my nose in a salt solution and finish getting ready for bed before having my quiet time and hopefully feel up to doing some more writing….maybe that was TMI but..well you’re trapped reading this so… 😀



Bucket Lists, Goals, and a New Year ahead

So another year is upon us and the last one just flew by so fast that I can hardly believe it is here already. In view of this I will post just a few of my goals from last year that I accomplished  and then a list of ones I want to accomplish for this year.


1 – Color my hair – (Black)

2 – Dance under the stars – 😀

3 – Try Zumba – Not my thing.

4 – Learn to Crochet – Kind of, I started and I need to take some classes but I taught myself the gist of it.

5 – Go on a date. – It finally happened!

6 – Go on an adventure/trip alone. – I found out I love traveling by myself.

7 – Pierce my nose. – I love it!

8 – Say “yes” instead of “no.” – Did this too.

9 –  Ask a guy out – Yes, for coffee.

10 – Go to a bar – hotel bar but I count it.

11 – Get a massage.- This needs to become a regular this year!

12 – Strike up conversation with a stranger. – So many stories from this one!

13 – Eat somewhere local on a trip(no chain restaurants). Great food!

14 – Write a letter and leave it in your seat. (Did this on the train!)

15 – Visit a local park on my trip.

16 – Ride on a train.

17 – Make homemade marshmallows. So yummy!!

18 – Try something new. I tried several new drinks, traveling alone, trusting myself more…etc.,

19 – Eat oreo’s and peanut butter together.

20 – Get back into reading more regularly. 🙂

So those are just some of the things that were on my multiple bucket lists and I have a ton more that are on them. Too many to accomplish in one year.

So for 2015 here are some of my goals and things I want to accomplish….hopefully within the next 364 days I will be able to do most if not all of them 🙂

I am going to put down 52 since I’ll have 52 weeks to complete these but not necessarily going to try to complete on each week.

1 – Go Cliff Jumping. – I have no idea where yet so if you know of a place let me know!

2 – Go on three dates this year.

3 – Make ratatouille and creme brulee.

4 – Go on a trip spur of the moment with no planning.

5 – Go hunting.

6 – Take at least three trips this year.

7 – Finish my novel and send it in to publishers.

8 – Become a healthier me by continuing going to Crossfit and learning to eat healthier.

9 – Go Ice Skating.

10 – Save more money, spend less.

11 – Cut out more processed foods and sugary foods.

12 – Try acupuncture.

13 – Go stargazing.

14 – Give/Donate Blood.

15 – Go camping, rough it.

16 – Play laser tag.

17 – Make quiet time with God a habit.

18 – Get up early everyday.

19 – Write every week. (Goal is anywhere between 3 and 4 thousand words)

20 – Take Singing lessons.

21 – Level my WOW character to the highest level.

22 – Read 50 books this year.

23 – Drastically lower my hospital and chiropractor bills.

24- Take a road trip with friends.

25 – Dance in the rain.

26 – Eat Snake.

27 – Try out three local shops I’ve never been to before.

28 – Eat at three new restaurants.

29 – Workout 3 times a week.

30 – Only eat out three times or less each month.

31 – Make a Dream Catcher.

32 – Go to a concert.

33 – Enter a photography contest.

34 – Slide across the hood of a red convertible.

35 – See all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies.

36 – Ride a motorcycle.

37 – Go to a wine tasting.

38 – Go Crabbing.

39 – Get my CHL.

40 – Get a chest for my window area.

41 – Participate in the Tough Mudder race.

42- Be a zombie in a marathon run.

43 – Take piano lessons.

44 – Visit my friends out of state, in other cities more often.

45 – Memorize more Bible verses.

46 – Go to a women’s conference.

47 – Visit the shooting range regularly.

48 – Learn to play pool.

49 – Go to a drive in theater.

50 – Learn two new card games.

51 – Visit at least one national or state park.

52 – Get my ears double pierced.

So those are just a few things that are on my many, many lists and so I am going to try to tackle these this year and I’ll attempt to write about them as I accomplish them. 🙂

I would love to hear back on your thoughts of this list and any ideas on ways to help accomplish them or any additions or things I should add! If you write a blog post on your own bucket list/goals give me the link and I will go check it out.

Later Gators and Happy New Year!