Valentine Dinner Planning

So I am going to one of my dearest friend’s house this weekend and we’re using the holiday as an excuse (like we actually needed one for a girls weekend!) to hangout and watch comedy romances, going to get massages, and then we’re going to cook dinner and gab about our dream weddings and guys. Typical girls weekend for us. Haha

Well, this weekend I am the one coming up with the menu and so here’s what I’ve got so far;

Main Dish – squat…can’t come up with anything. ;/?

Side Dish – Ratatouille

Dessert – Creme Brulee with fresh fruit (to be decided later) and chocolate dipped strawberries (because how can you have a valentine day without those amazing things??)

Beverage – water and probably a red wine

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do for the main dish…probably something with chicken or steak but I have yet to decide…any ideas are very welcome!

So…what are you doing for valentine’s day? How are you celebrating? I would love to hear!

– TheYellowGiraffeGirl


The Stormy Sea

Let us learn that serving Christ does not exempt His servants from storms. If we are true Christians, we must not expect everything smooth in our journey to heaven. We must count it no strange thing if we have to endure sickness, losses, bereavements, and disappointments, just like other men. Free pardon and full forgiveness, grace along the way, and glory at the end–all this our Savior has promised to give. But He has never promised that we shall have no affliction. By affliction He teaches us many precious lessons, which without it we should never learn. In the resurrection morning we shall thank God for every storm. Our Lord Jesus Christ, as God, has almighty power. The elements knew the voice of their master, and, like obedient servants, were quiet at once. With the Lord Jesus Christ nothing is impossible. No stormy passions are so strong but He can tame them. No temper is so rough and violent but He can change it. No conscience is so disturbed, but He can speak peace to it, and make it calm. No man ever need despair. Christ can do miracles upon his heart. Christ will carry him through every danger. Christ will make him conqueror over every foe. Greater is He that is for is, than all those who are against us. Our Lord Jesus Christ is exceedingly patient in dealing with His own people. The Lord Jesus is very empathetic and full of tender mercy. He sees their weakness. He is aware of their short-comings. He knows all the defects of their faith, and hope, and love, and courage. And yet he will not cast them off. He bears with them continually. He loves them even to the end. He raises them when they fall. His patience, like His love, is a patience that passes knowledge. His heart is still the same that it was when He crossed the sea of Galilee and stilled the storm. High in heaven at the right hand of God, Jesus is still sympathizing–still almighty–still patient toward His people. Let us be more charitable and patient towards our brethren in the faith. They may err in many things, but if Jesus has received them and can bear with them, surely we may bear with them too. Let us be more hopeful about ourselves. We may be very weak, and frail, and unstable; but if we can truly say that we do come to Christ and believe on Him, we may take comfort.

_ J.C.Ryle

New, New, New… I Like New.

So I got this amazing, awesome, stupendous idea for ANOTHER novel this last week. IΒ was going to make myself wait to start it until I got more written on my Young Adult/Drama novel but I just couldn’t keep myself from starting it. Gah!

I also remembered something that I think I read on here… I’ll have to try to find the blog post but it was basically about if you lose your ambition/imagination for making art or in my case, writing you need to learn something new. Something you’re not worried about messing up. Well, for me I was/am losing my direction a little bit on my Young Adult Novel and so I decided to let myself start writing this new novel and give the other one a short break and so far I’m glad I did. The new story is having some great headway and the first one, my baby, is waiting patiently for me to come back to it. Now, I’ve given myself only till the end of the weekend to write on ‘just’ the new novel but I think that will be enough time to get a good start and get some ideas so I can go back to my other novel with a hopefully, clearer head.

Sometimes I really hate writing. I mean it. It can be really draining at times to be living out the lives of so many characters and going through (in a sense) all the emotional, physical and mental trauma that they are experiencing in all the different scenes.

I love it though even when I hate it and I wouldn’t give up writing for anything.

I like this quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I definitely think I’m shooting for the moon here… only hope I use enough fuel. πŸ˜‰

Que Sera Sera

Well, I was hoping to make updates every day but the last couple of days have been super busy and I haven’t even gotten home until after 8/9 pm. And while that isn’t terribly late, I go to bed earlier or at least always want to and so the thought of getting on the computer by that time is horrible to me. I can’t mark anything off my goal/bucket list yet sadly but I as some of them are habits that I’m making those are going well…for the most part. I probably won’t be making my “3 workout days” this week as I missed yesterdays as I had to bring my dad to work. I am going tomorrow so at least it will be twice this week. Next week I’ll make my goal! πŸ™‚

I also was able to go to a Bible Study/Meeting of sorts with a group that is church planting here in the area that was held Tuesday and it was very nice and I met a lot of sweet people. Really hoping for some new friendships! πŸ™‚

Today I am going to get a few hours off mid-day and so I’m planning on using that time to write and get some things done around the house….maybe I’ll do some yoga or Pilates and Β get that third workout in for the week!

Some things I’ve accomplished/extra goals:

– I’ve eaten breakfast each day this week.

– I agreed to teach a Sunday School Class

– I’ve experienced having to put my nose ring back…yuck

– Made my bed almost every day.

– Had a new novel idea… not gonna tell you about it though, it’s a secret. πŸ˜‰

– Contacted the person who’s going to tutor me in ASL.

So even though I can’t necessarily mark anything off my list yet, I’m making some headway as well as I am making plans when to do some of the things on my list…..

I also think I’m going to buy an alarm clock soon since I am getting sick and tired of using my phone everyday for it. I hate waking up and looking at my phone first thing in the morning and it’s really starting to bug me. Hmm new goal, Buy an alarm clock by the end of the month. πŸ™‚

Adios and Good Day Y’all!

One Down – Two To Go

Well…I’ve already knocked one eating out off my table for the month. πŸ™‚ Met with a dear friend tonight and thoroughly enjoyed our evening. However, I now have only two nights to eat out this month and….surprise, surprise I have already scheduled my second evening out/eating out for this Friday. So much for spreading it out. πŸ˜‰

I made it to my first workout of the week too today, so only two more times that I haveΒ to go so yay me! Crossfit is definitely one of the best decision I’ve made in a while πŸ™‚ Part of the workout was Back Squats…my neck is so sore.

Oh, another big deal for me was that I made my bed this morning…big deal for me since usually the only time I make my bed is when I change the sheets. The whole “Why make my bed since I’m only going to crawl back into it in a few hours” was my philosophy but this morning it really helped to have made it. My mind switched gears during making it and I definitely felt ‘awake’ longer I think partly because of that. So, now that’s a new goal…

#53 Make my bed every morning. πŸ™‚

Hopefully I will actually keep that up too. Drinking water has been fairly easy and I didn’t eat any “real” sweets today either, I was even offered some candy and I said no! πŸ™‚ I was excited that I made it through the day without it. Now to go through the next few weeks and I know it’s only going to get harder since I am basically addicted to sugar, no good. Praying I’ll make it through and break the habit. πŸ™‚ Any tips would be highly appreciated!

So far my goals are being set in motion and I’m slowly figuring out my trips, and when to do some of my other goals, etc., I think I’m going to try to make the ratatouille and creme brulee this month or next. Perhaps around valentines… I plan on spending the weekend with one of my best friends since we both don’t have boyfriends, or such so maybe we could do that… hmmmm possible “lightbulb” moment! Haha

So, I’m going to go soak my nose in a salt solution and finish getting ready for bed before having my quiet time and hopefully feel up to doing some more writing….maybe that was TMI but..well you’re trapped reading this so… πŸ˜€


Beautiful Day

I really wish I could say that I finished everything on my list from yesterday but I didn’t! I am finishing up with those things today thankfully and getting some more done but man oh man.

Trying to drink more water today too. It should be an easy task but I often don’t even think about drinking water until I’m so thirsty it’s like my mouth is the sierra dessert…not fun. πŸ˜›

Sunday service was wonderful. We finally finished Matthew chapter 7 over the verses 24-29. It was the last bit and it was focused on making sure we know what we’re building our foundation on, who we are building it on, what is our path is and such. It was another eye opening, humbling sermon and I am so thankful to God for his words being preached so faithfully week in and week out.

Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing and peaceful Lord’s day!

Work starts back tomorrow….I am getting really excited, especially since I got to see so many of the kids today. I’ve missed my daily hugs and kisses. ❀

Procrastination Always Catches Up

Two more days until my vacation is officially over and I while I have had two lovely weeks off I am excited about seeing all the kiddos again.

I have had several days where I feel no motivation to get anything done sadly and so today I am trying to force it to happen since I have several things that have to get done today. Not limited to; laundry, writing, having a Quiet time, photo editing, painting for my nephew(I’ll post pictures once it’s done), Β wrapping presents, and cleaning/straightening my room. I also need to send a few emails and texts about work and meetings for the upcoming week…I have been procrastinating fantastically and now IΒ must complete these things! Argg!

My brother also has asked me to go to the movies so that will probably happen at some time…but man oh man I am going to be losing time to complete everything else. At the same time, I haven’t spent that much time with him since being off so it’s a good thing to spend/make time for family and doing something they want to do even if it inconveniences you a bit.

It just means that I nowΒ have to get all this done now. Immediately. Post haste. πŸ™‚

Well….I guess I’ll keep this short and go attempt to accomplish most of this. Probably going to go put on a “Frasier” episode to listen/watch as I work. πŸ™‚

Hasta La Vista fellow bloggers.