Valentine Dinner Planning

So I am going to one of my dearest friend’s house this weekend and we’re using the holiday as an excuse (like we actually needed one for a girls weekend!) to hangout and watch comedy romances, going to get massages, and then we’re going to cook dinner and gab about our dream weddings and guys. Typical girls weekend for us. Haha

Well, this weekend I am the one coming up with the menu and so here’s what I’ve got so far;

Main Dish – squat…can’t come up with anything. ;/?

Side Dish – Ratatouille

Dessert – Creme Brulee with fresh fruit (to be decided later) and chocolate dipped strawberries (because how can you have a valentine day without those amazing things??)

Beverage – water and probably a red wine

I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do for the main dish…probably something with chicken or steak but I have yet to decide…any ideas are very welcome!

So…what are you doing for valentine’s day? How are you celebrating? I would love to hear!

– TheYellowGiraffeGirl


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