New, New, New… I Like New.

So I got this amazing, awesome, stupendous idea for ANOTHER novel this last week. I was going to make myself wait to start it until I got more written on my Young Adult/Drama novel but I just couldn’t keep myself from starting it. Gah!

I also remembered something that I think I read on here… I’ll have to try to find the blog post but it was basically about if you lose your ambition/imagination for making art or in my case, writing you need to learn something new. Something you’re not worried about messing up. Well, for me I was/am losing my direction a little bit on my Young Adult Novel and so I decided to let myself start writing this new novel and give the other one a short break and so far I’m glad I did. The new story is having some great headway and the first one, my baby, is waiting patiently for me to come back to it. Now, I’ve given myself only till the end of the weekend to write on ‘just’ the new novel but I think that will be enough time to get a good start and get some ideas so I can go back to my other novel with a hopefully, clearer head.

Sometimes I really hate writing. I mean it. It can be really draining at times to be living out the lives of so many characters and going through (in a sense) all the emotional, physical and mental trauma that they are experiencing in all the different scenes.

I love it though even when I hate it and I wouldn’t give up writing for anything.

I like this quote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I definitely think I’m shooting for the moon here… only hope I use enough fuel. 😉


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