Que Sera Sera

Well, I was hoping to make updates every day but the last couple of days have been super busy and I haven’t even gotten home until after 8/9 pm. And while that isn’t terribly late, I go to bed earlier or at least always want to and so the thought of getting on the computer by that time is horrible to me. I can’t mark anything off my goal/bucket list yet sadly but I as some of them are habits that I’m making those are going well…for the most part. I probably won’t be making my “3 workout days” this week as I missed yesterdays as I had to bring my dad to work. I am going tomorrow so at least it will be twice this week. Next week I’ll make my goal! 🙂

I also was able to go to a Bible Study/Meeting of sorts with a group that is church planting here in the area that was held Tuesday and it was very nice and I met a lot of sweet people. Really hoping for some new friendships! 🙂

Today I am going to get a few hours off mid-day and so I’m planning on using that time to write and get some things done around the house….maybe I’ll do some yoga or Pilates and  get that third workout in for the week!

Some things I’ve accomplished/extra goals:

– I’ve eaten breakfast each day this week.

– I agreed to teach a Sunday School Class

– I’ve experienced having to put my nose ring back…yuck

– Made my bed almost every day.

– Had a new novel idea… not gonna tell you about it though, it’s a secret. 😉

– Contacted the person who’s going to tutor me in ASL.

So even though I can’t necessarily mark anything off my list yet, I’m making some headway as well as I am making plans when to do some of the things on my list…..

I also think I’m going to buy an alarm clock soon since I am getting sick and tired of using my phone everyday for it. I hate waking up and looking at my phone first thing in the morning and it’s really starting to bug me. Hmm new goal, Buy an alarm clock by the end of the month. 🙂

Adios and Good Day Y’all!


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