Beautiful Day

I really wish I could say that I finished everything on my list from yesterday but I didn’t! I am finishing up with those things today thankfully and getting some more done but man oh man.

Trying to drink more water today too. It should be an easy task but I often don’t even think about drinking water until I’m so thirsty it’s like my mouth is the sierra dessert…not fun. 😛

Sunday service was wonderful. We finally finished Matthew chapter 7 over the verses 24-29. It was the last bit and it was focused on making sure we know what we’re building our foundation on, who we are building it on, what is our path is and such. It was another eye opening, humbling sermon and I am so thankful to God for his words being preached so faithfully week in and week out.

Hopefully everyone is having a relaxing and peaceful Lord’s day!

Work starts back tomorrow….I am getting really excited, especially since I got to see so many of the kids today. I’ve missed my daily hugs and kisses. ❤


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