Procrastination Always Catches Up

Two more days until my vacation is officially over and I while I have had two lovely weeks off I am excited about seeing all the kiddos again.

I have had several days where I feel no motivation to get anything done sadly and so today I am trying to force it to happen since I have several things that have to get done today. Not limited to; laundry, writing, having a Quiet time, photo editing, painting for my nephew(I’ll post pictures once it’s done),  wrapping presents, and cleaning/straightening my room. I also need to send a few emails and texts about work and meetings for the upcoming week…I have been procrastinating fantastically and now I must complete these things! Argg!

My brother also has asked me to go to the movies so that will probably happen at some time…but man oh man I am going to be losing time to complete everything else. At the same time, I haven’t spent that much time with him since being off so it’s a good thing to spend/make time for family and doing something they want to do even if it inconveniences you a bit.

It just means that I now have to get all this done now. Immediately. Post haste. 🙂

Well….I guess I’ll keep this short and go attempt to accomplish most of this. Probably going to go put on a “Frasier” episode to listen/watch as I work. 🙂

Hasta La Vista fellow bloggers.


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