Bucket Lists, Goals, and a New Year ahead

So another year is upon us and the last one just flew by so fast that I can hardly believe it is here already. In view of this I will post just a few of my goals from last year that I accomplished  and then a list of ones I want to accomplish for this year.


1 – Color my hair – (Black)

2 – Dance under the stars – 😀

3 – Try Zumba – Not my thing.

4 – Learn to Crochet – Kind of, I started and I need to take some classes but I taught myself the gist of it.

5 – Go on a date. – It finally happened!

6 – Go on an adventure/trip alone. – I found out I love traveling by myself.

7 – Pierce my nose. – I love it!

8 – Say “yes” instead of “no.” – Did this too.

9 –  Ask a guy out – Yes, for coffee.

10 – Go to a bar – hotel bar but I count it.

11 – Get a massage.- This needs to become a regular this year!

12 – Strike up conversation with a stranger. – So many stories from this one!

13 – Eat somewhere local on a trip(no chain restaurants). Great food!

14 – Write a letter and leave it in your seat. (Did this on the train!)

15 – Visit a local park on my trip.

16 – Ride on a train.

17 – Make homemade marshmallows. So yummy!!

18 – Try something new. I tried several new drinks, traveling alone, trusting myself more…etc.,

19 – Eat oreo’s and peanut butter together.

20 – Get back into reading more regularly. 🙂

So those are just some of the things that were on my multiple bucket lists and I have a ton more that are on them. Too many to accomplish in one year.

So for 2015 here are some of my goals and things I want to accomplish….hopefully within the next 364 days I will be able to do most if not all of them 🙂

I am going to put down 52 since I’ll have 52 weeks to complete these but not necessarily going to try to complete on each week.

1 – Go Cliff Jumping. – I have no idea where yet so if you know of a place let me know!

2 – Go on three dates this year.

3 – Make ratatouille and creme brulee.

4 – Go on a trip spur of the moment with no planning.

5 – Go hunting.

6 – Take at least three trips this year.

7 – Finish my novel and send it in to publishers.

8 – Become a healthier me by continuing going to Crossfit and learning to eat healthier.

9 – Go Ice Skating.

10 – Save more money, spend less.

11 – Cut out more processed foods and sugary foods.

12 – Try acupuncture.

13 – Go stargazing.

14 – Give/Donate Blood.

15 – Go camping, rough it.

16 – Play laser tag.

17 – Make quiet time with God a habit.

18 – Get up early everyday.

19 – Write every week. (Goal is anywhere between 3 and 4 thousand words)

20 – Take Singing lessons.

21 – Level my WOW character to the highest level.

22 – Read 50 books this year.

23 – Drastically lower my hospital and chiropractor bills.

24- Take a road trip with friends.

25 – Dance in the rain.

26 – Eat Snake.

27 – Try out three local shops I’ve never been to before.

28 – Eat at three new restaurants.

29 – Workout 3 times a week.

30 – Only eat out three times or less each month.

31 – Make a Dream Catcher.

32 – Go to a concert.

33 – Enter a photography contest.

34 – Slide across the hood of a red convertible.

35 – See all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies.

36 – Ride a motorcycle.

37 – Go to a wine tasting.

38 – Go Crabbing.

39 – Get my CHL.

40 – Get a chest for my window area.

41 – Participate in the Tough Mudder race.

42- Be a zombie in a marathon run.

43 – Take piano lessons.

44 – Visit my friends out of state, in other cities more often.

45 – Memorize more Bible verses.

46 – Go to a women’s conference.

47 – Visit the shooting range regularly.

48 – Learn to play pool.

49 – Go to a drive in theater.

50 – Learn two new card games.

51 – Visit at least one national or state park.

52 – Get my ears double pierced.

So those are just a few things that are on my many, many lists and so I am going to try to tackle these this year and I’ll attempt to write about them as I accomplish them. 🙂

I would love to hear back on your thoughts of this list and any ideas on ways to help accomplish them or any additions or things I should add! If you write a blog post on your own bucket list/goals give me the link and I will go check it out.

Later Gators and Happy New Year!


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